Digital Hierarchy of Customer Needs in Your Growth Strategy

Did You Include the Digital Hierarchy of Customer Needs in Your Growth Strategy?

January 24, 2020

Our needs guide every action we take. It is no exception when it comes to Digital Transformation of business.

Here, customers’ needs are the heart of digital transformation of any business. When Maslow’s has derived his theory on “Hierarchy of needs” in 1943, he brought in a unique perspective in comprehending human actions. The relevance of his theory, when translated into digital age, gives the digital scientists a comprehensive strategy to approach the users.

Before we delve into this strategy, wonder what are the digital needs of today’s audience!

Let’s do this!

If you are a user, what would be your digital needs?

We are sure that, you wouldn’t have missed these:

  • - Internet/Wifi
  • - Battery of Devices
  • - Ability to use the digital devices right
  • - Security of your information
  • - Employing the information available in a productive way

Well, similar are the needs of your customer. These are the primary digital needs- which now became feasible to 8.97 billion people across the world. (GSMA real-time intelligence data)

On the other hand, when the World Economic Forum, has conducted a global survey on more than 43,000 people across 24 countries, they found the key requirements of an individual to attain full potential in this digital landscape. These include: “access to internet, improved health & well-bei\ing and quality of life through digital, belief that digital will improve society, and digital skills empowerment and utilization”. They reflect the need for networking in this transformative age.

What Will be Your Customer Digital Needs?

We outline all the needs of your customers in three dimensions:

Business Availability

One question, you need to ask is: "How accessible is your business to your customers? Can they come to you when they need?"

Being available is the most important factor today, than the billions of business you got. Whether you own a large scale enterprise or an SME, the basic needs of your customer is business availability.

Mobile apps made it feasible to bring your business to finger-tips of your customer. Moreover, with the increased usage of mobile apps, it builds your business a broader scope with mobile apps than you can anticipate.

Continuous Support

On-demand service apps like Ola, UrbanClap and Swiggy, have not gained recognition because of their feasibility, but also because of the continuous support that they provided to their customers.

With chatbots integrated to the mobile apps. Customer support is made possible to scale to any extent. Bots can "answer automatically up to 80 percent of customer support requests." And, these bots, in-built with Natural Language Processing and data components, have the ability to resolve tickets faster than the manual procedures.

Personalized Experience

Over the years, customers' needs have changed. They want to see what they look for. In a report by CIO, it is identified that, "48 percent of customers are likely to spend more when their experiences are personalized."

Whether it is picking a right product or selecting a service, customers do not want to be lost in the multiple options available for them. They demand recommendations based on their interests to reduce the time it takes to find what they are looking for. Moreover, businesses acquire customer loyalty by personalizing their digital transformation experience.

Like it is said, "change is the constant," customer needs are dynamic in nature. With continuous digital innovations, it is inevitable for customer to aspire for new aspects. The hierarchy of customers needs may differ from time to time. And, this poses a challenge for businesses to keep in track with the changing digital needs of customers. These digital needs of the customers direct businesses to adopt agile digital transformation strategy.

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